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【Webinar】Introduction of Drug Reconstitution Devices

〈Webinar schedule:29th October 2021 10:00~10:30〉

Introduction of Drug Reconstitution Devices

~Packaging Solution to Drug Reconstitution~


There are multiple issues regarding the complexity of the drug preparation work and the safety of on-the-spot preparation flow.
In this webinar, we will introduce how we have supplied to pharmaceutical partners globally for VIALEX™ makes the most out of glass product characteristics.


  • Current status and issues of drug reconstitution
  • Explanation of our drug reconstitution devices
  • D2Mix™ – Vial-to-Syringe
  • D2Mix™ Vial-to-Vial-to-Syringe
Date 29th October 2021(Fri) 10:00~10:30
Fee Free

※This webinar has finished.

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