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Meeting the prevailing pharmacopoeias (EP, USP, JP), Nipro vials offer precise dimensional and pristine cosmetic quality. The carefully controlled specifications contribute to reliable fill-finish operations.
Nipro supplies high-quality vials worldwide to a variety of fields, including pharmaceuticals, physics, and chemistry.
We create various solutions for screw shapes, large-volume shapes, and other special shapes in consultation with customers.

High Value-added Products


Nipro’s processing technology enables a special inner surface of the vial that contributes to the stable storage of pharmaceuticals, minimizes pH shifts, suppresses delamination, and reduces leaching from the glass.

Micro Vials

Vials designed for the reduction of residual liquid and small volumes.

Unit-dose Vials

The packaging solution for filling volumes below 1 ml with proven integration into injection devices for nasal administrations. Supports stable storage of liquid and solid drug products, and facilitates consistent fill-finish performance.

Pre-fillable Syringes

Nipro designs pre-fillable glass syringes tailored to meet the needs of our customers.
Nipro has utilized the latest technology to enhance the strength and precision of our syringes, improving the convenience of filling and administering medicines. Furthermore, the presence of insoluble foreign materials and eluted substances has been minimized, thereby reducing reactions with medications. This ensures that Nipro provides syringes that customers can use safely.

High Value-added Products


D2F™ is a pre-cleaned and pre-sterilized syringe component in a nested packaging.
D2F™ contributes to increased production efficiency on the filling line.

Double Chamber Pre-fillable Syringes

A double chamber pre-fillable syringe is equipped with two separate chambers, one for the drug and the other for the dissolving solution. This design allows for convenient dissolution of the contents within the syringe at the time of use.
The glass barrel, top cap, gasket, pluger, needle, and other safety mechanisms of this syringe are all manufactured by Nipro.
The syringe ensures sterility, prevents medical errors, and contributes to improved work efficiency, ensuring safe and secure drug administration in medical settings.

Rubber Stoppers

Nipro offers a wide range of rubber components for medical containers for liquid, lyophilized, and powdered preparations to meet customers’ needs.
Nipro also produces rubber parts used in medical equipment as well as parts for kit products.

For Vials

Rubber stopper for liquid preparations

Rubber stopper for lyophilized preparations

For Pre-fillable Syringes


Top cap

Laminating Technology
Nipro’s laminating technology with superior drug compatibility and functionality.
Nipro offers laminated products suitable for a wide range of medical rubber plugs and kit formulations.


Economical and well-proven, glass ampoules are widely used as the primary container for many pharmaceutical products.


Nipro Pharma Packaging’s cartridges meet the high quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry.
Depending on your pharmaceutical requirements, you can choose eNable, eNhance or eNgage cartridges.
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