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Closed System Test Containers

Extraction and determination steps are carried out in a closed space, reducing the risk of infection and contamination.

Sponge Swabs

Sponge swabs are specimen collection instruments used for in vitro diagnostics.
They are made of sponge material and have excellent absorbency and specimen release properties.

Single-use Bag 「Ustem™」

Nipro, a medical device manufacturer, offers Japanese-made products with stable quality.

Process bags

Filling, transportation and storage of medium, intermediates, API, and others.

Powder Bags

Weighing and transportation of powders. (medium or reagents)

NBS bags

To be used mainly with cell culture and shaking equipment.

Needle with a Filter for Liquid Sampling

The filter mechanism supports aspiration and transfer of drug product while trapping any remaining dissolved drug product.

※Products for Pharmaceutical Companies

Safety Needles

Safety mechanism reduces needlestick injuries during disposal.
Easy-to-operate needle storage.
Products for pharmaceutical companies.