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【Webinar】Introduction of Nasal Spray Device『ExaDose™ 』

〈Webinar schedule:22nd Feburary 2022 10:00~10:30〉

Introduction of Nasal Spray Device『ExaDose™ 』

~Nipro’s Solution for Nasal Administration~


Intranasal administration of vaccines for viral diseases is known to be effective in surpressing upper respiratory tract infection.
Nipro believes that it is important to ensure that the drug is sprayed correctly to guarantee the efficacy of the drug product, therefore setting constant particle size and spray angle of the device are important aspects regardless of users’ performance.
In this session we will proudly introduce our device functions development with our original design on the spray nozzle, syringe flange and plunger.


  • Market demand of Nasal Spray Devices
  • Explanation of Nipro Devices
  • Functions explanation
Date 22nd February 2022(Tue) 10:00~10:30
Fee Free

※This webinar has finished.

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